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Titanic Trail - Cobh Ireland Walking Tour


Michael Martin's Titanic Trail is a heritage walking tour of Cobh, recounting the history of Cobh & Cork Harbour. In April 1912, RMS Titanic departed from Cork on her ill fated maiden voyage. Cobh also has historic connections with the Lusitania tragedy, being the centre point for recovery operations and rescue. Titanic Trail Tours recount these stories and the history of Cobh's maritime past, the harbour fortifications and Spike Island.

Dr Michael Martin creator and author of the Titanic Trail Michael Martin:
Cork historian, Dr Michael Martin the author and creator of Titanic Trail has extensive knowledge on the subject and  been interviewed by BBC television and radio, Australian TV, National Korean Television and a host of other Radio Stations and  Book Publishers.

Read further information on Michael's background, his academic achievements and awards here

The Team:
Working with Michael are a small group of specially trained and knowledgeable guides, guaranteed to make your guided walking tour an experience that you will remember as the highlight  of your vacation in Ireland!

Nicky Lawrence Tricia Cambridge Pat Phelan Margot Mulcahy Phil Ahern
Nicky Lawrence - Titanic Trail Guide - Historic Walking tours of Cobh Tricia Cambridge - Titanic Trail Guide - walking tours of Cobh Pat Phelan - Titanic Trail Guide - Guided Walking tours of Cobh Margot Mulcahy - Guided walking tours of Cobh Phil Ahern - Guided historic walking tours Cobh, Ireland
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