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American and Irish Military Relationships

During the Great Famine in Ireland, a number of American Naval vessels were utilized to send aid from the US to Ireland. The USS Jamestown sailing out of Boston and the USS Macedonia sailing from New York both delivered food aid to Ireland during one of the most traumatic periods in the country's history.

Despite the fact that Cork Harbor developed over the years as an important military base for the British, there was an occasional US military presence in the area also. During the American Civil War, the USS Kearsage called to Cork Harbor for provisions during a mission to intercept Confederate vessels purchasing arms from France.

When the US entered the First World War in April of 1917, a decision was made to station a number of ships in the Europe. Cork Harbor was the location they chose and, for the remainder of the conflict, a combined US and Royal Navy Fleet was stationed in the harbor under the joint command of an American and a British Admiral. During this period, there was also a US Naval Air Station and a US Military Field Hospital located in Cobh.

Today, United States military vessels often call into Cobh on their return voyages from Transatlantic, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern missions.

USS Barry on a visit to Cobh, Cork, Ireland
USS Barry on a visit to Cobh, Cork, Ireland

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