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Titanic Trail - Cobh Ireland Walking Tour

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Explore Ireland's place in American History

When an Irish-American visitor takes part in the Titanic Trail Guided Walking Tour they know that they are literally walking along the same sidewalks, through the same streets and among the same buildings as their ancestors did so many years ago. Emigration from Ireland to America was a major feature of Irish history throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Economic impoverishment, religious persecution, political isolation and business opportunities were among the driving factors.  The Great Irish Famine of the mid-1840s and the decades immediately following it saw a great rise in the number of emigrants from Ireland to the USA.

Millions of today's American citizens are descendants of emigrants who passed through Cobh on their way to a life-changing journey in the land of opportunity. We invite you to join us on the Titanic Trail Guided Walking Tour to explore the lives of the Irish emigrants that left these shores in search of a new life in the United States of America.

The Titanic Trail Guided Walking Tour explores the fascinating history of the town of Cobh, located along Cork Harbor on the south coast of Ireland, and its impact on the development of the United States. Prior to the 19th century the town of Cobh had already secured its position as an important harbor while exploratory expeditions were crossing the Atlantic from Great Britain. The harbor became the final stop-off point to bring fresh water, food and crew on board before making the long and difficult voyage across the Atlantic.

Following the success of colonies established on the Caribbean islands, Britain turned its attention to the North American mainland.  The colony at Jamestown was eventually brought into being after a number of failed attempts. The community grew and expanded into the United States, and a growing number of vessels made their way back across the Atlantic Ocean. Many of these vessels, which carried produce and materials from North America to Europe and people from Europe to North America, called at Cork Harbor. By the mid to late 1800s, all the major shipping companies had a presence in the town of Cobh; Cunard, White Star, German Lloyd, United States and the Holland America shipping company among them.

    Cobh Cathedral was the last view of Ireland for many US emigrants.Cobh Cathedral above the harbour was the last sight of Ireland for many US emigrants.

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