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Titanic Trail - Cobh Ireland Walking Tour

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Building successful lives, remembering their Irish roots

The author and creator of the Titanic Trail Guided Walking Tour, Dr Michael Martin, provides insightful historical lectures for visiting groups or families on the broader background of emigration to the US. Participants will learn that not all of the emigrants’ stories ended in tragedy. The Irish that emigrated through Cobh and elsewhere took their place in the institutions and organizations that formed the foundation of the great American Dream. They provided for themselves through labor; building the infrastructure of their adopted home. They worked on the railroads, the highways, and in the mines of America. They became accomplished in the fields of journalism, politics and business, with several individuals of Irish extraction reaching the highest possible level of political office. While President John F Kennedy is most closely associated with Ireland, there were other presidents that had Irish connections too. President Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) was the grandson of an Irishman. President James Buchanan (1857-1861), President Chester Alan Arthur (1881-1885), and President Ulysses Grant (1869-1877) were among many who could trace their ancestry back to Ireland.

The American field of battle, from the War of Revolution to the Vietnam War, all featured Irish soldiers defending America and her institutions. During the American Civil War, there were Irish soldiers among the ranks of the privates, non-commissioned officers and generals in both the Confederate and Union armies. Today, the Irish diaspora in the United States are established in the fields of  science, technology, and business in the US. The emigrant's story has matured and grown with America itself. For many people, even today, the mention of Irish emigration to America evokes images of impoverishment and desperate need. The reality is that many Irish immigrants are confident, educated and making a lot of the important decisions in America’s leading companies and institutions.

The descendants of Irish immigrants living in the USA today often feel a desire to visit the land of their forefathers. The Irish diaspora in America maintains a sense of the culture and pride  that traveled with their kin to build new lives in the USA. For those that manage to fulfill their dream of visiting Ireland, the Titanic Trail Guided Walking Tour is a  visitor attraction not to be missed. The trail is designed to allow visitors to walk in the actual footsteps of the brave, adventurous, and sometimes desperate souls that journeyed thousands of miles to a new land to find a better life for their families for generations to come.

The Titanic Trail Walking Tour is a highlight of an Irish holiday for US emigrantsThe Titanic Trail Walking Tour is a highlight of an Irish holiday for US emigrants

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