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Titanic Trail - Cobh Ireland Walking Tour

The RMS Titanic:Walking Tours Cobh Irish History

Cobh's most famous emigrant ship

Taking the 45 to 60-minute Titanic Trail Guided Walking Tour of Cobh provides the visitor with an understanding of the Titanic within its proper historical context. Having set out from Southampton, England on her maiden voyage and calling to Cherbourg in France, Cobh (then known as Queenstown) was the Titanic’s last port of call. The day the ship arrived at the port was just an average routine day for a port that had seen thousands of ships come and go over the centuries filled with a human cargo of hopeful emigrants.

123 passengers left Cobh on tenders and ferries to board RMS Titanic on April 11th, 1912. Each of them had an individual or family story that bound their fate to the impending tragedy. They were transported by tender or ferry from a building which still stands today and can be seen on the tour.

Only 44 of the passengers who boarded in Cobh survived. The original buildings where the passengers ate, slept, drank, and said their last farewells are all still intact. These are brought to life during the Titanic Trail Guided Walking Tour, which provides a unique insight into the Titanic story for visitors. The depiction of the story depicted on the Titanic Memorial and the emotive bronze relief by artist Michael Donovan leaves tour participants with an understanding of events that eludes those who come simply to take a photograph!

Visit original buildings where  passengers slept and ate before boarding the Titanic.Visit original buildings where Titanic passengers slept and ate before the ship departed.

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