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Titanic Trail - Cobh Ireland Walking Tour

Stern View of the Titanic

Father Browne Titanic Prints

Stern View Titanic

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Dimensions: Approx 10" x 6"
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The Titanic Trail collection offers you this poingnant photographic print, 'Stern View, Titanic' from the famous Father Browne Collection of Titanic images. This emotive print brings to mind the final image of the ship that survivors would have witnessed as the stern of the Titanic stood in the air before disappearing under the icy waves of the North Atlantic.

Francis Browne was an avid photographer. However, his great collection of negatives lay forgotten for 25 years after his death. By chance in 1986 they were discovered  in a large metal trunk. The negatives to the attention of the features editor of the London Sunday Times who dubbed them “the photographic equivalent to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls”.  This photographic collection contains the only visual record of  photographs of the Titanic as she left Ireland to set across the Atlantic. Father Browne had travelled as a passenger on the Titanic  from Southampton to Ireland, where he fortunately disembarked.
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