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Titanic Trail - Cobh Ireland Walking Tour

School Tours:   
Educational, interesting and fun !

Tailormade school products for the Titanic Trail Walking Tour and the Spike Island guided Tour are available throughout the school year. On the Titanic Trail Walking tour, students gain an insight into the historical backdrop of Cobh and the harbour exploring the town through the actual buildings, streets and piers that were there when the Titanic visited briefly in April of 1912. Information is delivered in an historically accurate but interesting an entertaining way at a level understood by the participants. Generous discounts on the public rates apply. To assist in projects, a complimentary copy of the Titanic Trail booklet is provided to each school and a questionnaire if requested. Titanic Walking tour duration is 45 to 60 minutes depending on the age and interests of the students. The Spike Island Guided Tour explores the very rich historical backdrop  of the Island. Monastic settlements, Viking Raids, Famine and the war of Independence are all part of the fabric of Spike Island. Children are introduced to the island and given a much broader perspective than that of the label 'prison'. The tours have exclusive access to the 6inch Coastal Artillery Gun Emplacement, the 'John Mitchel' cell block and access to the more recent prison cells is guaranteed. Round trip including ferry and guided tour approx 2hrs 15 minutes. A questionairre is provided for teachers. 

For details on timing and pricing contact Michael Martin by email at or by phone at 021 4815211. 

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