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Titanic Trail - Cobh Ireland Walking Tour

You've made a 91year old man and his family very happy!


Just a note to thank you for your kindness to Dad during our recent visit to Spike Island and Cobh.  Without your help we would not have had the opportunity to get Dad onto Spike. He, as indeed I and my girls, really enjoyed our trip. It was wonderful to return to the island after so many years and to show my daughters where their Grandad worked and where we lived, and indeed to learn some of the history of the island.

It was very good of you to come and meet with Dad, especially when you were not feeling well.  He really appreciated the book and the chat with you.

Once again Michael, thank you for making a 91 year old man and his family very happy!!

Kind regards,
Iris Moroney

(In August 2011 Iris visited Spike Island with her Dad James who had served on Spike as an Irish Army Comdt. in the 1940s)

A lovely Tour

"You have done a fine job putting this tour together"

Steve Feldman
Valrico, Tampa Florida
9th July 2011

"The best of the best”
A fascinating tour brought to life by passionate guides who can answer any question you throw at them. A must do in Ireland!
Visitors from Dublin
31 October 2010

“Micheal's Walking Tour of Cobh

When you visit Cobh make sure you fit in time to visit Micheal and go on the walking tour of Cobh, you will not be disappointed. Being a well known member of the town and having done TV work for the BBC and the discovery channel, his historic knowledge is brilliant and shared with you as you walk along the town trail. We were the only one's on his tour the day we visited and he made it one of the most memorable features of our stay in Ireland.
Visitors from Derby, United Kingdom
14 April 2011

“Tour of Spike Island with Michael Martin must be on your list of things to do.”

On the Bank Holiday Monday I finally got around to taking the tour of Spike Island. It was a cold & windy day but in spite of this there were approximately 40 people who braved the elements.  . ... the Marine Transport staff where there to help in a very courteous manner. 

We took off at 2.15 & took a nice tour around by Haulbowline whilst getting fabulous views of our beautiful town. We arrived on the island at approx 2.30. Michael Martin was on the pier to greet us with his cheerfulness & we soon forgot the cold due to his warm personality. ...Michael went straight into his rendition of the history which surrounds Spike Island which made very interesting & touching information for the visitors. Some of these visitors were back on the Island, having lived there at some stage, some were there because their fathers worked there, some because their ancestors had been detained there at some stage and some were there, like me, just for the tour. Michael Martin extracted this information from people in the course of his talk which gave a very personal touch to the tour. Combined with his expertise and depth of knowledge of the history of the Island, he actually managed to paint an imaginary picture for us of what it looked like back in the early days on Spike.

Michael walked us up the little roadway stopping here & there on the way to talk out various points of interest which I am not going to talk about as it would just spoil the tour for those whom have not yet taken it. At the top of the hill we got to see the fort which was used for many reasons during its time. We also got to see the big gun which is pointed towards the mouth of the harbour and again a must see for young & old. Whilst Michael was cheerfully talking & explaining at all times, I got the feeling that he actually never has enough time to get it all out, such is the depth of his knowledge & research.

Of course we had to stick with the tour at all times but one could clearly see the potential that lies there. Michael is obviously very excited about this & one can almost see the Island as a place one could actually spend a whole exploration day on. Hopefully, this will not take too long to happen & which, I suppose, we the people of Cobh should be more vocal about.

We arrived safely back on shore at 5.00, all tired but happy! Well done to all concerned & all the very best with this exciting venture.
Anne Moroney
October 2010
(source Trip Advisor)

“The tour guide's enthusiasm and passion alone make this a worthwhile trip”

.....The guide, Michael Martin, brought the history of the island alive, his passion and enthusiasm really held my attention, ..... Michael clearly held the island and its history in such high regard, I listened with intent throughout.
London Visitor
4 October 2010

“Not to be missed - a "must do" if in Cobh - very interesting”
Michael Martin, told us a brief history.....he was informative and it was'nt all heavy boring history, he made it very interesting.   I really enjoyed this trip. It exceeded my expectations. This trip would be great for locals and visitors and anyone interested in history.
London Visitor
September, 2010

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